Beginnings (the start of a visual journey in 2010)

Many widely recognized yearly photographic efforts are made by the likes of Jim Brandenburg, among others, but I decided to undertake this series for many reasons. The first spark occurred when I came across a collaborative daily blog turned written documentation, A Year of Mornings, which appealed in a human way. It was a part of the photographers' daily lives, a document of the passage of time, as well as an aesthetic effort.

This project is designed to amass a series of related and unrelated images as they flow and feed off of each other, creating a vision of a whole year of experience.

A larger reason to shoot so much was to force myself to continue to push images. Some days I have projects in mind, other days I'm inspired with a flash of insight, and some days I think, "damn, what am I going to create tonight?" Either way, I've kept going.

When this series began I thought of it as a 365+ project because the goal was to have the equivalent of a year's worth of daily images that would follow and reveal twelve months. But, because I'm also working and a full-time graduate student as well as a human being with other interests, I gave myself the leeway of not photographing every day, so long as the final number of images surpasses 365. When I began posting on a social network site, I started by sharing an average of two photographs a day; by the end of January it looked as though the quantitative goal would be reached halfway through the year. I tend to work in series and like to show context, so a challenge has been paring down daily posts to just one or two images. With this blog I will try to be more particular and share no more than two photos per day.

Thus far, we're 1/12th of the way through and not a day has been missed. More importantly, though, I feel the tendrils of inspiration not previously imagined, and for that reason, this already feels like a success.

Please enjoy, contemplate, comment and share with your friends.


March is drawing to a close, which marks the completion of 1/4 of the year and this project.

Reviewing the images I'm pleased by some and bored by others. Many photographs would not make the cut were it not a daily regimen. But, though I missed one day due to illness and, technically supplanted one day's picture amongst its vacation brethren during the week and a half of Alaska photos, the gears are still rolling.

The images I've been more pleased with have been the light/color compositions, although projects such as the water droplets, reverse lens macro, smoke and TTV photography were also highlights. Where I seem to grow stagnant are with images relating more directly to documenting me or my life, especially the mundane, but perhaps that's personal perception. April will be kicked off with a weekend in Chicago.

Keep on checking in as I keep on keepin' on. Recent layout goodies includes the ability for you, oh honored viewer, to rate posts and vote on imagery types.


As June winds down, 365+ nears its crest. Counting back, however, just over one hundred images remain to be posted.

These past few months I've embraced the loose design of the project and shifted into a relaxed schedule of posts. In favor of sharing greater context and more consistently solid imagery while maintaining an eye on the year as a whole, I may not shoot or post every day, but continue to translate the spirit of the time. Early July marks the beginning of the descent and holds the promise of visual adventure as I head back to Alaska.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn at the cabin

Matthew, Oliver and I visited my family's place off the Gunflint Trail late enough in the season that we had no running water due to overnight freezes.  After visiting this place for almost thirty years, this was the first time I've woken up to a dusting of snow outside, and it was magic.  Streaks of changing leaves graced the landscape along with little piles of white.
No snow is visible in this pic, and after talking up all the virtues of autumn leaves I'm showing you a black and white, but sometimes the absence of color allows our eyes to appreciate the rhythm of contrast.

Some color amid a neutral field.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

MN State Fair photo scavenger hunt, 2012

Our photo club group has an annual MN State Fair photographic scavenger hunt.  This year's list included:  

Matching Outfits, 
Furry Tales, 
People Photographing People, 
Spinning Wheels, 
The Pitch (Step Right Up!)

I generally followed a street photographer style, quickly shooting from the hip a la Winogrand, though a few shots were composed with more care.  Matching Outfits was the most fun to look for, but people watching at a public smorgasbord like the MN State Fair is rewarding no matter what you observe.

Matching Outfits

People Photographing People.  This one is possibly my favorite... her pose, hair, makeup, dress, the colors... all of it worked out wonderfully for what I wanted in the image.

Furry Tale.

The Pitch (Step Right Up!).  I visited on Labor Day, and by then the staff must have been exhausted. Such enthusiasm!

Matching Outfits

Matching Outfits.  The more I looked, the more groups of people seemed to match their friends, perhaps unplanned?

No scavenger hunt theme, but I like the feet and shadow. Shot from the Sky Glyder.

People Photographing People.

No scavenger hunt theme, but just a nice moment of isolation... plus her shoelaces match the sign.

Spinning Wheel.

No scavenger hunt theme, but who doesn't like a back-lit silhouette with sun burst?

Matching Outfits.  Look at all the white in this crowd!  It kind of amazed me.  A colleague said this reminded her of when What Not to Wear visited the MN State Fair.

Matching Outfits.  Lots of red in the center and yellow and blue on the left.

Matching Outfits.

Matching Outfits.

Matching Outfits.  I loved the look of the fellow in the center.  It's fun the way a group looks like they belong together by matching mannerisms, too.  Also, notice the poster.

People Photographing People.  Love her hair and shirt.  The photo club crowd couldn't wrap their heads around the tilting angles.

People Photographing People.  She was so excited to take pictures of her boyfriend(?).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Northern Spark, 2012

silhouettes in front of the Walker
red balloon

long exposure panning, with Kuramoto fireflies before group ride

panning, think and wonder

HOTTEA's installation at MIA


stray strand

looking down at top of sculpture, from 3rd floor

dancing disco lights on tree outside MIA

We biked around the city from 9:30pm to 3am (with a beer and tater tots break halfway through).  All images jpegs with OM-D E-M5, using basic 14-42mm kit lens.  Long exposures were handheld or propped on handlebars.  I really pushed the ISO to see how well the new model would do.  The full pan is two images stitched together in CS5.

Friday, June 8, 2012

More from the last weekend at the Cabin

TTV images from the last weekend at the cabin

 Bench on the dock

Nicely curving stairs

Palisades and our old boat, from the dock

Tuesday, May 29, 2012